Monday, March 18, 2013

Tattle Tallin'

The next day many of the orks where on high alert. Some where talking about and explosion the night before and others where worried about there heavy armor case. Gorky know what everyone was taking about but he just played along and said nothing about his "misfit acts". A newer ork in the camp, Grags, took a liking to Gorky. Mostly because he was kicked round slightly less then Gorky. He said, "Oi, me saw wot ya did last night, da nobs be lookin fer da stoopid Gor..." Gorky muffling the boy as a nob walked by. Grags continued, "Donz worry Gorky, me won't go tellin' ubbout it." Gorky was hesitant to let Grags off the ground, but he know that he couldn't hold him down forever. He let him go and to Gorky's astonishment, Grags just sat there looking at Gorky. Most normal orks would have been running throw the streets telling everything he could so that he could get a good fight out of it. This my be the reason he is kicked around so often. In an orks point of view, he's dumber then Gorky.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Testing the Needle Blasta

Gorky took the needle blasta out to his shooting range at night. he wanted to try out his new toy. Gorky set up three targets, not gretchin, to shoot at. one had a space marine helmet, the next had ork armor, and the last was just a wooden post. Gorky shot at them in that order. His first shot stopped the shaft, Gorky thought that he might make a suit of squishy human armor for himself. Upon examination, the helmet caused the shaft to bend and become blunt. He fired his next shot into the ork armor and the middle of the shaft ended where the post was. Gorky smiled. The last post was to see if ork armor did anything at all. He took aim, fired, and out of shear shock he called for a doctor and muffled himself. The front of the needle blasta opened like a pop can, an exploded pop can. Gorky came to the conclusion that the shaft got stuck and it exploded. He sat there, almost in tears. He looked up at the helmet and smiled once again.

(-1 needle blasta in inventory.)
(+1 scrap metal in inventory)

Mission fail I

Gorky, being the only survivor of the failed mission, was a laughing stock of the whole ork camp. But even though he was severely picked on and chased around by attack squiggly beasts, Gorky was in a great mood because of his new weapon that no other ork had. He felt like a true loota right then. The only problem was how did the gun work? It seemed to take different ammo then the ork guns; usually this ammo was scrap metal that was lying around. Gorky tried to shove metal down the barrel but it just wouldn't fit, he needed something round. Then he got the idea to slide a pole that was about the same size of the barrel but could easily slide in and out. Gorky had learned earlier that if you fire and over stuffed gun, you might as well have a painboy next to you because you are going to lose an arm. The metal pole stuck out of the gun about three inches. Gorky held his arm out, covered his head, and pulled the trigger. *click* Nothing happened. Gorky was surprised. No explosion, no loss of limbs, it felt right and wrong at the same time. He looked again at the structure of the gun. It must have broken sometime during the fight. Gorky then proceeded to take everything apart, except his choppa, and rebuild it into one gun. The new gun had the ork firing mechanism and the marine's barrel and metal casing that looked stitched together by an ork. Gorky called it the "Needle Blasta" because he sharpened the ends of all the shafts that he could find.

(-1 bolt pistol in inventory.)
(-1 Slugga in inventory.)
(+1 needle blasta in inventory)
Needle blasta 12" / 5 / 5 / Pistol, (Gets Hot!) <- because Gorky made it with no experience!

Gorky's first battle

Gorky, because he was an ork, knew not the definition of fear. But he did know the meaning of complete annihilation. Ork limbs where flying everywhere since the orks got dropped into a minefield. Gorky stayed away from the tilled space earth. Sadly he couldn't help but get sprayed by all the other ork's guts. The mines weren't the only contributors to the ork spray. Space Marines where closing in fast, guns blazing and everyone up in arms. Gorky know that if he went back to the Rok, his fate would be that of the foolish ork. There was a ruin building nearby so Gorky took shelter in it. Several hours past and finally, after a few earth shaking smashes into the ground, war was yelled by all the orks. Gorky couldn't help but to call out a loud "Waaagh!" He stopped suddenly when a space marine came around the corner of the wreckage. Gorky aimed, he shot, but the bullet bounced right off his helm. Gorky thought he was going to die. The marine turned, pointed his gun, and a nob smashed him in the back of the head. The nob keep running and yelling, "Ded good kills!" Gorky scooted over to the gun that the dead marine had. it didn't look that much different from the slugga that he practiced with. He pocketed it and stayed where he was till the end of the fight. (Gorky did get a few shots in though...)

(+1 bolt pistol in inventory.)

Gorky goes to Waaagh!

It's Gorky's time to shine as an ork. The boyz are being round up to go to a supposedly "safe planet." The ship fascinated Gorky and he wanted to know more about it. But the warboss and his nobz keep a close eye on boyz. When the ship landed, the nobz passed out a choppa to every boy. Only a few boyz got to where heavy armor. Gorky was glad that he didn't have to carry such heavy armor. The ork behind him cryed out, "Deyz, why we ain't gettin' any!?" Gorky quickly moved out of the way to let the nob to get a good view of the foolish ork. The nob took his chain ax and used it like a golf club on that stupid boy. After hitting the rocky sealing and the wall behind them the ork gave out a nasty shrieking noise, then died. His body proceeded then to split in two by the force of the blow. The nob proceeded to say, "If ya kan survive dat, den ya kan ab armoor. But until den weez need ter toughen ya up. Ony more qweztunz?" It was silent except for the light bubbling noise of the dead orks spores falling out. "Good!" said the nob while signaling to get off the ship.

(+1 choppa in inventory.)

Gorky's got a Gun

Born a Boy, Gorky was always out of place. He wasn't weird or anything, It's just like he didn't belong in the world of orks. He was smart and vary tactical in every thing he did. He soon figured out that being the way he was would get him killed before he ever got to see the waaagh! So he Acted like all the other orks, brutish and waaagh! loving. Gorky Often went shooting with the rest of the boyz to see how may times they could hit a gretchin before killing it. The poor grot broght before Gorky got shoot right between the eyes. "Err... mi bad." Gorky responded. Every boy laughed really hard and Gorky felt bad. He was given the gun as a memento of his "worst accuracy ever!"

(+1 Slugga in inventory.)