Monday, March 18, 2013

Tattle Tallin'

The next day many of the orks where on high alert. Some where talking about and explosion the night before and others where worried about there heavy armor case. Gorky know what everyone was taking about but he just played along and said nothing about his "misfit acts". A newer ork in the camp, Grags, took a liking to Gorky. Mostly because he was kicked round slightly less then Gorky. He said, "Oi, me saw wot ya did last night, da nobs be lookin fer da stoopid Gor..." Gorky muffling the boy as a nob walked by. Grags continued, "Donz worry Gorky, me won't go tellin' ubbout it." Gorky was hesitant to let Grags off the ground, but he know that he couldn't hold him down forever. He let him go and to Gorky's astonishment, Grags just sat there looking at Gorky. Most normal orks would have been running throw the streets telling everything he could so that he could get a good fight out of it. This my be the reason he is kicked around so often. In an orks point of view, he's dumber then Gorky.

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